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DJ Dave Lynch

Anyone used him for their wedding?  Need recomendation for reception as well as ceremony.Thank you!

Re: DJ Dave Lynch

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    edited December 2011
    Used him - LOVED him! He did our reception and was amazing! he kept the dance floor moving -- changing up songs if things looked a little thin.. and he completely kept us in the loop about what to expect -- like when songs we requested would be playing, etc. So accommodating -- he even played the Steelers Fight Song for us and bought us a Steelers nerf football to throw around (and keep! it's sitting by our tv!)! We also told him about my brother's wedding where the DJ had a blow-up guitar that my grandmother was playing and how funny it was -- and he brought one for us too (that is now sitting in our wedding closest!)! So many awesome memories -- set up an appointment and meet him.. we did, totally clicked, and signed a contract the next day!
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