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Hi!!Here's my whine: I'm having 2nd thoughts about my dress, but I only have 27 days till my wedding (I've been having doubts since the dress was bought but everyone keeps talking me down). Since it's too late (and I can't afford) to buy a new dress, I've decided to revamp my old one :) It has these tacky papery feeling flowers sewn on the hip and I've decided I hate them and they need to go! But since they're the only detail on the dress I want to make up for them by adding a belt. I saw one on SYTTD that I fell in love with. It was a very thin crystal-ey sparkley one that just wrapped around her mid-section. I really want that belt! I can't find one like it anywhere, so I was wondering if any of you know of any shops around Nashua-ish that would have just tons of bridal accessories. I've looked at DB and Marry & Tux, as well as Needlynn's (Salem) and Olga's (Nashua) and no one sells belts....I've also looked at regular stores and I can't seem to find one dressy enough :(Sorry, I know I'm obnoxious but I feel like if I was at a wedding and the bride walked down the isle in a dress with those flowers on it I would make fun of her..anybody have any suggestions?Thanks!

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    Hmmmm I can think of Modern Bride in Bedford, not sure if they have something like that. Have you looked online? There is also Madeline's Daughter in Portsmouth and A Day To Remember in Concord if you can call or make the trip.
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    Thank You! I'll go stalk all of those places :)
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    I would find a great seamstress and see if they can add one for you. That will be your best bet, and it will be custom made to fit you and your gown perfectly! I'd call around today to see if anyone can see you this week. I don't think it should be a problem to do. Good luck and keep us posted! Do you have a picture of your dress to share?
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    I would if only I knew how the heck to get em on here! If I figure it out I'll show you :)In the meantime thank you for your suggestion. I had a wonderfull seamstress do my alterations, I'll see if she can do something.
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