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So not dress related....however I wasnt sure what board you normally are on.... my FI and I met through as well! for your other post about your dress, your comment about growing out your hair and an updo half up half down or all that jazz, have you found pics that you like? I have found a bout twenty that Im trying to decide between, thats the best way to figure out what you like!

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    I FI and I on our first date were so comfortable with each other cause we had been talking for almost two months before we even met. And if you go to a bar to pick up guys...your going to end up with a guy who goes to bars. (does that make sense?)
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    Yes it makes total sense.  I learned the hard way after many failed relationships and then I got married and that failed (for many reasons) and then when I was getting back into the dating scene I was scared because I didn't want to get back into that atmosphere... So that's where I searched Match and Myspace, initially to see what was out there.  I'm glad I did now!! After IM-ing and emailing we finally spoke on the phone after a couple of weeks.  I was afraid when we did finally meet we wouldn't have much to talk about, but I agree I was totally comfortable and felt like I had known him a long time.
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