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Hi, Kids.  I am by no means a vendor, but I wanted to share that I just bought and received a veil from Ebay seller, Venus Veils, and I LOVE it!  It's so soft and pretty.  I got an ivory veil, so I thought it'd be too yellow, but it was just a nice off white, and the tulle was so soft.  Oh, and it was only $30, with free shipping.  So if anyone's looking for a veil on the cheap, give them a look.  

Re: Ebay Venus Veils

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    Can't find a seller by that name on ebay
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    Oh..... hmmm...... it's all one word.  If you can't find it, search for veils and their veils all look like they're on the same manequin.  I did "2t fingertip beaded ivory veil" and most of the veils that popped up were venus veils.  I dunno how to search for sellers, though.  I'm not too ebay savvy.  lol.
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    ahhh got it :)  It's venus_veils.  thanks!
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    I was just contemplating buying one from this seller, so thanks so much for your review!
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    Oh, good.  See, like I said, I'm ebay dumb, so I didn't even know how to look up the seller.  cyndi, I definitely recommend them.  I don't know how to use paypal, either, and I emailed them beforehand to ask if I could do a $ order and they had no problem with it.  They got back to me really quickly every time I emailed, as well, and they got my payment on Monday, shipped my veil on Monday and I got it on.... Hmmm..... I forget whether it was Wednesday or Thursday, but it was quick.  I ordered the ivory, which looks pretty yellow online, but it wasn't.  It was a perfect light ivory and it was "fingertip" length, so I put it on the back of my head under my bun and it went just below my bum.  (I'm 5'7".)  It's very sofy and pretty and not too full but not sparce by any means.  I love it.  Good luck!  And for $30, it can't be beat.
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    Thank you! I was just considering them!
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