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First timer here bear with me

I am looking for a Mori Lee dress style 6172.... Has anyone seen this in the New England area I can't seem to find a shop that has it so that I can try it on. Any input on how I would go about this? TIA

Re: First timer here bear with me

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    Is there a local stroe that carries Mori Lee?  If so, maybe you could ask them to order a sample for you to try on.  Or you could check and see if Mori Lee is doing a trunk show in your area and contact them to see if they will have one with them at the show.  Good luck!
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    I have this exact problem with most of the dresses I have liked online.  Search surrounding states if they are a reasonable drive or look for a trnk show and see if they will order it to come in then.  I have had many shops flat out refuse to order a dress for me to try on, even if i paid for it.
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    Thanks Girls, I have asked one shop and they said no. I am going to a different one tonight. I have searched out of state and all local stores and because it is t-length they normally do not have them in stock, is what I was told. I never thought trunk shows..I'll check that out now Again THX
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