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want to scream!!!

I'm so mad right now!  Just received an email from DB stating that they're having a sale.  I bought my dress already, so I don't know why, but I went to the site.  Decided to look at my dress (It's at my Mom's in NY, I'm in FL) so I always forget what it looks like.  Anyway, I bought it on sale, but now it's on a better sale - only $250!!  I spent more than double that only two months ago!  I know there's nothing I can do about it... it's just frustrating.

Re: want to scream!!!

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    Sometimes stores have a policy about things like sale items. If you bought an item and it goes on sale less than 30 days after you bought it, you can bring in your receipt and they'll give you the difference. I don't know what the policy is at Davids bridal, but at Jcrew and Abercrombie i've had this work more than 2 times. Good to know in general, and might be worth a shot at david's.
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    I told my mom about it, and she's all, "that's not right."  Which, I agree... but when I bought the dress the specifically said, "all sales final."  So... I'm just SOL.  I think I may mention it to them anyway!  Maybe I could get a free headpiece or shoes or SOMETHING!!!  
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    Good luck!  They have been pretty strict on their policies.  -- a little too strict for an off-the-rack type of place in my opinion.
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    I had the same thing happen to me - only the price drop was a bit more drastic. I paid $850, and 2 months later the same dress was only $350.Talk about the suck. Damn I was MAD.I called customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do. I called corporate and they said the same thing.
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    I had to stop looking at all the mailings I get from Bridal Salons offering sales.  I just don't want to know I could have had a better deal...
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