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Robin Jillian Gowns?

This is my first time posting, but I have been frequenting this Board for awhile now.  My wedding is on October 16, 2010 so I have started looking for dresses for the big day.  I found one that I really love by Robin Jillian Bridal, however because they are so exclusive, I am having a hard time finding reviews, pictures, or even other brides who have their dresses.  Has anyone on here bought a Robin Jillian dress and if so, did you like it?Thanks!

Re: Robin Jillian Gowns?

  • I didn't end up buying it, but I tried on a beautiful Robin Jillian ballgown. The store told me they were an exclusive European line made by Justin Alexander.
  • My runner up dress was from them. The store here told me the same thing a the PP. Beautiful dresses!
  • Thanks guys!  I actually ended up buying the dress because when I tried it on again I knew it was the one!
  • Hi! My wedding is just a couple weeks before yours- 10/2/10. Just last week I bought my dress and it's a Robin Jillian! It is so gorgeous and unlike anything I've ever seen.. and for some reason, VERY reasonably priced! I don't know a style#.. but if you go on the website and click on the FAQs page, it's the dress shown. (The pic doesn't do it justice ;) ) Like you, I'm having a hard time finding pictures or reviews, but my consultant at the bridal salon was extremely honest with me the whole time and told us that these dresses are made very well. I'm hoping she was right!
  • I found a great dress from Robin Jillians and yes I am also having a problem searching for the dress online!

    I'm trying to figure out what size I should order.  Can you tell me if the dress runs small ?  Is it true to the size?  Is it a general size chart like other wedding dresses?

    I normally wear a size 1 in pants and small in shirts so I was thinking a 2 or 4? 

    Thank god Im not the only one who heard about this designer!  :)
  • Ceenavy,  the consultant at the bridal shop should measure you and determine what size to order based upon that.  Typically, your wedding dress will be a bigger size than your street size.  For example, I usually wear a 6, but my wedding gown was ordered in a 10.
  • grlnxtdr38 - I think I tried on the same gown today and absolutely LOVED it too. Felt just like a bride and am planning on calling the boutique to order it tomorrow.

    kaysmurray - I haven't ordered mine yet but my boutique says it takes about 6 months for the dress to come in. I'm getting married in a year, so I'm not worried. I hope your daughter's dress came in on time and that the wedding was lovely!!
  • I bought one..and then chagned my mind..if anyone is intrested I have photos
  • Looking for a Robin Jillian gown   name is Emilia  or emily.
    Size about 8

  • My daughter tried on a Robin Jillian in Michigan and loved it.  It was all Satin  no straps. She tried on others but this was the only all satin.  We would like to know of someplace near Austin Texas where we may find it.  She now lives there.  Can someone tell me where we may find one.  The salon in Michigan said that the dress will be discontinued this year.
  • Has anyone found any Robin Jillian in Georgia?
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    I bought a robin Jillian for my 01-2013 wedding. It is gorgeous. I was having such a hard time finding a dress with everything I wanted. Most of the dresses I was finding had a gorgeous top and plain bottom or great back boring top. However the Robin Jillian had everything and was not too expensive. But I can't find them online at all which does make it difficult to show freinds what I bought  :) 
  • I am a plus size bride and got a Robin Jillian that made me feel so beautiful when I was worried about how I would look in dresses in the first place. It was over my price range but I couldn't imagine leaving that dress and not purchasing it. I haven't been able to find a single photo online, which is a bummer but also kind of nice knowing that it is really a special dress. While I was at the store, Robin Jillian was there and it was such a special moment to see her fussing with the dress while I was in it. It is a beautifully made dress and something completely different than what I had originally planned for, but I LOVE it. I highly recommend her dresses. They are elegant and extremely detailed while being affordable for the most part.

  • I bought one for my wedding in September 2012, it's so elegant! I tried on 30 dresses until I finally found the one!
  • I wore Robin Jillian B936 (Babette) for my Jan 2012 wedding.  It was PERFECT!  I hadn't even tried it on or seen it in person but the picures spoke volumes and I knew it was the one for me.  I got it from a bride online (posted to recycledbride, oncewed, weddingbee) brand new at a fraction of the cost, and sold it within a day online, too!  Power of technology and intuition!

  • I tried on a Robin Jillian gown last weekend. LOVED it. It was perfect and unique. Different from the other dresses I'd seen. But I'm not sure I want to buy it at the bridal salon where I tried it on. They don't have great reviews online, although my personal experience was okay. The consultant we worked with as brand new...so it just makes me nervous!

    Does anyone know how to find authorized retailers for Robin Jillian. I'll need a bridal shop in Minnesota. 
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  • I purchased a Robin Jillian gown about 2 weeks ago. It was the very first dress I tried on and I knew right away it was the one. Easiest dress shopping ever! :-) I too am having trouble finding pictures of it online. I was able to take some pictures from the bridal gallery, so I have those to look at. I was also able to buy the sample dress and save money that way. I'm getting married October 19, 2013 and I can't wait to wear it!
  • Anyone know of a Robin Jillian gowns in AZ? Thank you!
  • I also got a Robin Jillian gown in Tacoma, WA. The store owner also did not tell me the designer before I purchased but it's very well made and extremely affordable!

    I think my style is a few years old but I absolutely love it. It's a sweetheart satin ribbon/banded bodice with a build in beaded belt and then it mermaids at the bottom with beads all the way down the back and a train that is easily bustled in back.
  • What store in Tacoma did you get you Robin Jillian dress?!
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    I purchased a Robin Jillian gown as well this past August, I was a little nervous because I have not heard of her but her dresses are beautiful, when I went through the store to pick dresses to try on I actually picked three of her designs to try. I was looking for a gown similar to lazaro's gowns with a beaded bodice and flowy/ruffle skirt without the lazaro price tag (6,000-7,000), the robin jillian was very reasonably priced. I have not received it in my size yet but I will let you know how it goes when I do.
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