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April 2012 Weddings

nwr- hate my new job and need to vent :(

hi ladies! i know i posted on here a couple of times before, but i have been really  MIA because i have been busy with graduating and job searching and everything wedding. hope all is well with you..

anyway, in the beginning of january i started my new job right out of college. i just need someone to vent to. i showed up on day 1 and was put in a completely different position than i originally accepted (unfortunately, i signed the offer for a rotational program, and have no documentation of the rotation they actually said i would be in), the job has nothing to do with my background/degree, and i was lied to through the recruiting process about vacation time and benefits. so i kind of went in with a negative attitude when i found all that out, but i tried to stay really positive. in the past few weeks things haven't really gotten any better. i am in a building that has very few people, and most of them work from home so i have literally no human interaction all day. i have just been miserable.

i am trying not to let this job ruin the other happy things i have going on, especially the wedding and we are settling on our new house in about a month. i just feel so unsettled and now i am having so much anxiety.. did i choose the wrong career path? what if i am stuck here? i feel trapped and lost and i hate this feeling. it is getting to me so much that i just go home and cry everyday. it's ruining the happiness i should be experiencing..

i'm not really sure what i am looking for in this post. maybe some advice if any of you have been there before? some words of wisdom? i just feel like my family is sick of hearing me cry. FI has been extremely supportive but i feel guilty for being upset all the time and bringing him down too. thanks in advance.

Re: nwr- hate my new job and need to vent :(

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