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long sleeved wedding dresses?

where is a good place to look for them?!!! they are no where!!!thank you for your help!xo

Re: long sleeved wedding dresses?

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    Techinqually, anything with a sleeve is a modesty gown and those are hard to sell so not a lot of shops carry them. But certain companies will add sleeves to their dresses. Casablanca will add a sleeve for 110 (80 for a short sleeve). Venus it's $150. But its another option. Find something strapless you like and then just pay an additional 100-150 bucks to have the company add sleeves to it for you..
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    wow, that was a super fast response!  thanks so much!
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    I know you can order gowns from Jasmine Bridal in their Cathedral Collection that have higher necklines and longer sleeves.  I would also check with any smaller bridal boutiques in your area.  Most are willing to add on sleeves or fabric as needed! HTH!
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    I'd look at used/vintage dresses as well.
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    Yeah, you're probably going to want to look mainly at modesty dresses, which I've only ever seen online.  Would getting a long-sleeved bolero or jacket be an option?  That might give you a bit more selection.This website has some truly stunning modest gowns at pretty decent prices, but you wouldn't be able to try them on first:
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    I was looking at the David's Bridal website recently and saw that they had a section called (sleeves, I think). You can choose a style of dress and select a sleeve that you'd like on it. Apparently lots of other dress companies do this as well. They don't show dresses with a sleeve but adding them can be an option.
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    monique lhuillier has some, I am wearing the long sleeved one she designed for Lea Salonga. Also POB lets you add sleeves to some of the dresses.
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    Mary's Bridal has dresses that come with bolero jackets and sleeves on other dresses. There is also a modesty dress shop in St Louis somewhere and they had great dresses I just can't remember the name of the shop. I was also watching the Duggars 18 and counting and Mamma duggar had sleeves added to here dress and it looked great. That was the say yes to the dress episode at klienfeld's dress shop. Just a thought that a good seamstress with extra fabric can do many things.
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    Unfortunately, not many long sleeved dresses out there.  I had the same problem because I wanted an off the shoulder long sleeve.  I eventually just started looking at off the shoulder dresses I could add a sleeve too.  Although, the dress I ended up ordering was so gorgeous without the sleeve I decided not to add them.
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