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New Hampshire

Where is....

Everyone in their planning? 
How many months out?
What are the major things left on your to do list?

Re: Where is....

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    We are a little over 6 months out.

    We have done quite a bit, but we still have some things to do.  We need to decide on wording so we can print our invites, book hotel rooms for OOT guests, book wedding night hotel, finalize flowers with FI's uncle (our florist), help FMIL with rehearsal dinner locations, and other little things.
  • ladyd522ladyd522 member
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    We are about 8 1/2 months out! Still a little while, but it already feels like it's flying by!   We also have a lot of the big things done- but next month we are going to register. We are going to the Sip & Scan event at the Macy's in the Burlington Mall.

    The other few things we are planning on doing soon are
    -Cake tasting & figuring out the flavors we want
    -Booking our HM
    -Deciding on our menu (we will have our tasting event within the next few months)
    -Order Invitations

    Those are the bigger things on the list, i'm sure more will pop up & there will be a lot of smaller things on there!
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    We're 5 months out and still have to book cake, flowers, and work on invite insert wordings
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    5 months 2 weeks and a day out! :)

    We are working on getting honeymoon flights and stuff set (have the house rented) and also planning out the ceremony

    We have most of the big stuff done :)
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    I am 90 days as of today! Starting to feel like I am running out of time!!

    I still have to:
     - put invitations together to mail out at the end of the month
     - make a final decision on favors
     - finalize rehersal dinner location
     - figure out ceremony wording
     - finalize music choices for ceremony, entrance, 1st dances

  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
    edited December 2011
    I have a little over 16 months to go, though it feels like it's going fast!  I have EVERYTHING left to do; we're hopefully booking the venue (and saving our date!!!) next weekend, so nothing is definite yet.

    As far as where I am in planning, nothing is set in stone but we do have our venue picked out, a tentative date, and I know my first choice for almost every vendor - I just need to meet with everyone, finish asking questions in person, and finalize things!  And go dress shopping, which I hope to do very soon!
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  • knwithamknwitham member
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    We are about 4 months out- I feel like we're well our way. We have all of the big check's completed, and finished registering today. We are DIY'ing our invites, they are all printed, and we are stuffing now. We need to buy postage (ick) and they'll be ready to go out mid-march. We are working on some other DIY projects currently- photo card box, and escort card stand. SO EXCITING!
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    We are 19 months out.
    We have booked the venue and the DJ so far and have a videographer on hold (they wont take a deposit until July).  We also have poems and frames ready to go once we decide how the graphics on our invitations with tie in.

    This month-We plan on booking a photographer and florist

    We're also buying vases for centerpieces and jars for the candy bar in March.
  • forgetme12forgetme12 member
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    We're 7 1/2 months away (eeee!!!!) We've got all our vendors booked, working on DIY stuff, and just putting the little stuff together. I'm trying to find decor to put my "vision" together right now :-)
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    We're about 9+ months out. I've booked some things but still looking for a JP and a florist for the major things. I feel very far behind on my month board but I know NH isn't as popular as say, FL so hanging around here makes me feel better :)
  • edited December 2011
    Still 14 months out! I am sure it will go by fast! I just got engaged on Christmas.

    We have the venue booked, photographer booked, JP booked, and I'm going to a florist apt. in two weeks.

    The other major things, DJ, cake, and dress - hopefully soon. Then I can relax for a bit. :) :)
  • ScottCayla11ScottCayla11 member
    edited December 2011
    We are 8 month out, and I'm really starting to feel the pressure. I have dress, venue, officiant, his ring  and invites all set.

    We have meetings set up to meet with a DJ next week.

    I met with Lyndsey Loring two weeks ago, and LOVED her! I just need to send in our deposit for her.

    I think I will feel much better once flowers and the dj are booked.

    I also have been so up in the air about my wedding band. I am feeling overwhelmed with choices, but I think I need to just decide. Enough of being wishy washy. =)
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    3 months and 1 week- getting into crunch time!

    trying to do something about the cardbox im working on-i hate i, but i refuse to waste the materials
    buying bands, aisle runner, bm gifts, tuxes, linen napkins.... so much left to do!
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