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my dress has arrived...alterations?!

Welll, my dress has finally arrived, had the first fitting last night..not much to be done with alterations, just taken in on the sides. I do still love it..but... i feel like its a lot bigger on the bottom than I remember, I guess because the sample dress was tried so many times it may have flattened out more. There are a couple of crinoline underneath the dress and I was thinking of having one removed, is that a possiblity? Yes, I will talk to the seamstress about it but didn't know if anyone has had this done or is thinking of having it done?

Also, I know it is possible to have the dress lengthened..I feel like my shoes might be showing too much, but I also don't want to trip! I don't know how they lengthen a dress but I was told it was possible!

Re: my dress has arrived...alterations?!

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