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Is it too soon?

I am getting married in CA where all my family and friends are but I live in AZ. I ordered my dress from a store in CA and it came in this week. One of my BMs is going to pick it up for me. I'm going to be in CA next month for a hair/makeup trial but after that I don't plan to be back there until the wedding in Sept. I am so booked between now and then!

So.... if I get fitted when I'm in town next month, it will be 4 months before the wedding. The seamstress said she only needs about a month. My weight has not changed much at all in the last four years so I don't expect it to in the next four months. If I get it altered next month and all pressed and everything, will it stay nice until Sept? Is this too soon?

My only other option is to have it shipped to me here and get it altered closer to the wedding. But then I'm worried the dress will get wrinkled in transport when we head out for the wedding. 

Re: Is it too soon?

  • We got mine pressed when I got my alterations done in February.  My wedding isn't until July.  We plan to bring a steam iron with us (to just use the steam part of it) on the lace on the train, but other than that, the dress is holding up the pressing beautifully.  I would say bring a steamer or steam iron with you as a go-to-option if you need it, but it should be fine for 4 months.  
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  • Great idea!! Thanks :)
  • I think it would be fine to have it altered and pressed when you are home. Since your weight does not fluctuate , alterations it should be no problem. As PP mentioned, either make sure you have a steamer on hand for touch ups, or search for a local dry cleaner that can steam it the day before the wedding, if needed. I, personally, will be taking it to a professional the day before because the fabric is satin and would be ruined by improper steaming. Keep the fabric in mind. 
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