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Do you think it's appropriate to wear a garter if you aren't doing a garter/bouquet toss?  I found a super cute one for 15$ that I want to wear, but Im not sure if it will just be a waste of money bc no one will see it.  

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    I don't think it's a matter of appropriate or not appropriate... If it's something you like and want to wear, do it! 

    I am not doing the garter/bouquet toss at all, but I am toying with wearing a garter too b/c my mother has hers and it would mean a lot to her if I wore it.  No one will really know but she and I, but it will make her feel good, so why not!
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    I say do what you want.  I'm wearing a garter, because it's the one and only time in my life that I can.  Laughing FI and I are back and forth on the idea of a garter toss (currently, he wants to do it.  Last month, not so much).
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    I have a garter and we are not doing a garter toss. I was on the fence about it but I found a beautiful lace one. I figure it's a little surprise for when we get to the hotel after the reception :)
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    I'd go ahead and wear guys can have your own private garter removal after the wedding =]
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    [QUOTE]I'd go ahead and wear guys can have your own private garter removal after the wedding =]
    Posted by AurorasEnvy[/QUOTE]

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    If you want to wear one go for it!  I will be wearing one, even though we haven't decided if we want to do the toss or not.  
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    My mom didn't do a garter toss. If we can find it, I am using her garter and my dad will pass on his arm garter (ball and chain around the left arm) to my FH. It's not a waste if you keep it as a momento. My mom didn't want a garter toss and they were living in a holiday trailer at the time so it was a small keepsake that they could pack with them (dad worked road contruction back then).
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