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Wedding Cake...other than Jacques

I know most people recommend Jacques for their wedding cake. Who else have people used? Any cheaper options What other things have people done for dessert (I'm not a huge cake person)? My venue does not have any dessert options. FYI, we will have 150+ at our June wedding. Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding Cake...other than Jacques

  • I met Jennifer from Jennifer's for Every Occasion at a bridal show and was very impressed with the quality and price. Might be worth a look!
  • Chickadee Hill Cakes is amazing. She has  done most of my friend's weddings and now does their kids birthday cakes and special events too.

    I know a way to make it cheaper is to have a small cutting cake and a larger sheet cake in the back that guests don't see. For something different (not sure that it's cheaper), look at cupcakes or I know she does beautiful cookies too and I believe she has done chocolate covered strawberries that looked like tuxedos

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  • We used Just Like Mom's Pastries in Weare.  The price is probably about the same, depending on your flavors/filling choices.
  • I would suggest Chickadee Hill Cakes in Sandown also.  They are awesome to work with and their cakes are fantastic!
  • Denise at tastefully wright did my cake for my engagement party, and It was beautiful and delicious. - she might be booked up though. Also Erin from Wild Orchid was very pleasant. I dont think she is cheaper than Jacques though. 
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  • We used Frederick's as they were part of our package, but I would have loved to have used Creative Cakes by Debby in Nashua.  I don't care for cake much either, but the cakes I've had from Debby's have always been fantastic!
  • We used fredericks and the cake was delicious and looked amazing and I'm not a cake person either. Chickadee hill was our second choicethe cake was slightly better but it was a little more expensive.
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