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Is anyone else having trouble with this?

I can't get my dad to go in for his tux fitting.  He and my mom have always been procrastinators.  I bought my mom's dress so that is done.  My dad will be nearby the tux shop today, and will have time, but just has no interest in getting fitted.  He wears suits to church, can I get measurements off those and give them to the shop?  If it doesn't fit, I won't worry about it, but I did want him in a tux.

Re: Is anyone else having trouble with this?

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    Your dad is a grown man.  He can dress himself and run his own errands.  Just put it out of your mind completely.  If he has to come to your wedding naked, he'll be the one that gets laughed at, not you.

    Honestly, the more you worry about miniscule details like that, the less you're going to enjoy your own wedding.
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