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Awkward shower gift...

Some friends hosted a "holiday shower" for me.  One of the gifts received was a red thong for me and matching red man thong for the future hubby.

To top it off, his sister-in-law gave me the gifts.... AWKWARD !!

Re: Awkward shower gift...

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    Praying for a miracle!
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    I've heard of worse.

    I think you'll live.
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    Yeah, I turned a little red with embarassment.

    Gave it to the future hubby last night and he found it funny at least.
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    ew, I hate gifts like that.  Unless people are really close friends and it is known that the gift would be well-recieved, it's just icky to me.

    I felt SO relieved when nobody gave me anything like that at any of the parties. 
    Don't make me mobilize OffensiveKitten



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    I think gifts like that are just given in good fun.  At my bridal shower, my cousin gave me a set of kitchen knives and taped to it were a vibrating ring and some lube.  I was a little embarrassed but not that much.  It was hilarious and made everyone laugh.

    I think a red man thong would be a little more embarrassing though.
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