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My wedding is Oct 13th 2012, I put in an order for my Bridesmaid's dress in Early March. I only have 4 bridesmaids When I picked out the style Davids advised me to let the girls put there order in before July 31st to make sure all the dresses would be in before then. Thinking that I would be ahead of the deadline date I told all my girls that they couldn't order any later than June 1st.  My Matoron was the first to get her dress on March 21st, on May 31st, I went in with another one of my bridesmaids to order her dress and girl at the register took all her information and let her pay for the dress and let us leave.  My Maid of honor and my last bridesmaid went on Friday June 1st at 11am to get there dress and they were told that they can not order the dress because the 31st was the last day that the dress was going to be sold. I am furious I don't know why no one told me that when I was in there the day before the dress would have been discontinued I could have brought my last two girls dresses and I wouldn't have been going through this stressful situation! I went to Davids bridal to see if there was anyway that they could get the dresses from another store for me and the lady said there was no way because the dresses were on clearance and they would not be able to do anything or even give me a discount or anything for the inconvience. Am I wrong for feeling like it's not my fault that this happened I don't know what else to do can someone help!!!


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    It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong.  I would be angry too but there are still some options.

    If you still love the dresses, maybe your girls can find used dresses? Consignment shops, wedding classifieds, craigslist ect?
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    Sorry to hear that , it's not your fault . Maybe you can buy some other dresses instead or buy one online .

    I advise you to try this website :

    As there are so many ones you can choose one at a cheap price , but they are just replicas :(

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    There's a thriving secondary market on eBay for DB bridesmaid dresses.
    Good luck.
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    if they are on clearance have everyone you know across the us check there davids bridal location for them!! i can check mine for you if you want and if they have it, i can get it and ship it if you want!!!!
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    that would be greatly appreciated it is style F14336 I need it in fern green size 14 and 6. Thank you so much
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    David's Bridal pulled the same crap with me. I only had originally 3 bridemsaids. I went with two to get their dresses ordered no issue, and we talked to the  lady to make sure it would be okay my third bm could order the following week. She said no issue and the dress was saved in the system in the color so she could walk in and order it. She went in less than a week later and they said they could not get it, so I had to make a decision about another dress, they wouldn't do anything, they wouldn't give a discount or refund the other two dresses so that we could change them. I was furious, but come the day of the wedding I actually liked the look of one of my BMs in a different dress bc it fit her well and honestly I didn't care because I was marrying the love of my life. The dresses didn't matter much. 
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    Did you go to their online store and try to find it yourself? Also, just google David's Bridal F14336 Fern green size 14 and a bunch pop up. Only thing I am finding for you though is they are calling clover green.

    The other option is have them in the same dress but in the different colors of your wedding.
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    I'll check my local one for you. I would throw a fit and ask to speak to the manager. I was told I needed to have my BM's get their dresses before a certain date, and when I wanted clarification on how this works, the store manager told me that as long as they are ordered before the date the store gives the bride, they have to honor the order. Also, they are supposed to inform you if for some reason the date gets changed, and even then, you still have 2 weeks to get the order in.

    I'd be in there getting that handled. You should not have to do this since they all ordered well before the date they needed to.

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    OMG that is the same dress my MOH is wearing!! I knew the code looked familiar. My store had them in stock, and they told me they wouldn't be discontinued or going out of stock. I can't imagine this wouldn't be the same for ALL stores since it is a CHAIN.

    Call your store right now. Seriously.

    Here is the info for the store my MOH got her dress at:
    David's Bridal
    MacArthur Towne Centre
    2548 MacArthur Rd.

    Whitehall, PA 18052

    Also, I was just there to get my dress last week and saw a BM trying that same style on. I remember this because my MOH was with me and said oh, I love that dress, I can't wait to wear it!


    I will say that I do not see the fern green on their color choices online, which may be the actual issue. They have the style, and the sizes, but not the color you mentioned.

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    So the first thing to know about David's Bridal:  People who work there mostly seem to have no idea what is going on.  When ordering a BM Dress for my sister's wedding I got told "it is discontinued, there are none of them anywhere, no other stores have it, not avilable online, we can't order it, no chance, no way, on clearance."

    I called the next closest Davids to ask if they had it.... and they said, "Sure, we can order it. What size and color?"   *head desk*

    So call another David's and try the website.  There is a chance your store is just clueless.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: DAVID'S BRIDAL CANCELLED MY BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]There's a thriving secondary market on eBay for DB bridesmaid dresses. Good luck.
    Posted by weddingmuse[/QUOTE]
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    I spoke to the corporate office today they said that they will contact the manufacture and see if they are willing to put out two more dresses in that color. Thank you guys so much for the ideas I will still call other stores to see if they have it available because it will take two days to hear back from them.

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    I have the dresses thanks everyone!!!

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    Yay!! Who ended up having them? Did corporate help or was it another store? I agree with PP that some of their people are grossly incompetent. GROSSLY. Others are gems and need to make more for what they do. It baffles me that in a business like theirs, they can't train everyone the same.
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    Bonnie at the corporate office was an absolute angel, I'm so thankful she was willing to go beyond just looking in the computer and telling me there was nothing she could do. I can at least stop stressing for now lol.
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