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Cost of bridesmaid dresses?

I have just had basically a falling out with my two cousins because they agreed to buy my bridesmaid dresses a year ago when they were $225, and now that they've gone on sale to $180, they are telling me that it is way too unrealistic to expect them to buy this dress. I am just wanting to hear from some other brides, how much were your dresses? Bear in mind, these are from J. Crew, they are short dresses and really run pretty true to size so should not require alterations. This is also the ONLY thing I am asking my wedding party to purchase, as I am paying for shoes and not requiring people to get hair and make-up done, and these cousins live in my hometown where the wedding will be held. With that being said, am I being unrealistic?
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Re: Cost of bridesmaid dresses?

  • Not if they already agrees to the higher price. If they said $225 is fine than they should not complain. Did something happen where now they cannot afford the dresses? I know one of my BM is having money problems so I am going to help here buy the dress....... maybe you can do something like that
  • A lot can change in a year, especially financially.  It's understandable for you to be frustrated since they previously okayed the price though.

    I'd talk to them individually and see if something happened.  Also keep your eyes open (and even google) for J. Crew promo codes.  You can often get free shipping at a minimum.

  • Both girls talked to my mom (not me) about not having as much money before. However, their mom (my aunt) told me that she had planned on helping them buy the dresses. I mean they are family, so someone in my family would have helped them get the dresses, but they both simply said, "We're just not going to do it anymore." They even said, "if the dresses were $150, we could afford them, but for the price they are, it just too unrealistic." They are $180...
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  • Financial situations change.  $180 is a lot of money.  That would feed FI and I for 3 weeks, easily.  They also may have thought that the price would go down more.  Help the out, or decide on a different dress.  JCrew probably has the same color in a different style that's a little less expensive.
  • I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but since you've had a falling you think that the price of the dresses could be an excuse for them to get out of being in the wedding?

    I'd talk to them one and one and ask if they're really interested in being a part of it and if they are, hopefully you/your mom can help cover the cost of the dress (or change dresses) and work something out.

  • OP - J Crew is offering 25% off all orders over $150 and free shipping with code:"FALLSALE"

    That'd bring your dresses to $135!!!
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