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My fiance doesn't have big opinions on much with the wedding, but the one thing he got really excited about was wanting to have the groomsmen and himself wear breakaway tuxes with Star Trek uniforms underneath (he's a big Trekkie).  I'm extremely iffy about the idea because it seems tacky to do it at the end of the ceremony like he said, because that's supposed to be a more serious part of the day.  It would also stress me out, because what if the tuxes didn't break away like they're suppose to and we're left standing in front of all our friends and family looking ridiculous?  Even if it does work, where are the tuxes going to go once they're taken off?  And then all of the photos will have them in their uniforms instead of tuxes, which would clash with the formality of my dress!  Not to mention that it would double the cost for men's attire AND they would have all these layers on outside at the end of May! We've gone back and forth with lots of compromises that neither of us is willing to accept, and he suggested having them wear tuxes with just the little Star Trek communicator pin instead of bouttenniers, which is 100% ok with me!  Problem is, he's still not really happy with that.  I want my wedding to be classy and pretty, but I also want my fiance to have his personal touch and be happy with the final product.  I just don't know what to do....

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    Wow!! All I can say is somehow maybe you can bring something in that he is his wedding too! Just tell him you don't want him to over do it!
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    I like the PP's suggestion of them wearing Star Trek communicators/insignia instead of bouts.

    If he's really stuck on the breakaway tuxes, maybe he could do the big reveal during your entrance into the reception? It does seem a bit over the top to do at the ceremony.
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    I've had similar difficulties with my fiance... he would love it if he and his groomsmen dressed up as storm troopers from Star Wars!

    The compromise we reached was to find a theme for the wedding that represented both of us. This was really helpful, because at first we were trying to incorporate personal elements that represented us individually, but not things that represented us as a couple.

    We ended up with a library/book theme (we're both English PhD students). For example, we're doing book titles instead of table numbers, and we'll each choose favorite books for this. But the theme itself is something that we both love.

    Maybe you and your fiance can find a similar theme? Like, you both like TV and movies, and you can have a film or Hollywood theme... and then he can bring Star Trek into the wedding/reception in a way that doesn't involve an outfit change!
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