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Are vendor packages worth it?

Do you really save money by getting vendor packages from your wedding venue?

Re: Are vendor packages worth it?

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    When decided whether we'd go with the package (or not) at our venue, we considered all different things.  The package included some things that I had planned to not do/pay for (chair covers, transportation, etc.).  It also included centerpieces, and I already knew I wanted to DIY them.  They did say, though, that if I went with the package, I could just be credited/not charged for the elements I didn't want.  This would have been fine, but ultimately, the package is a plated dinner only, and I wanted buffet.  

    I would talk to your venue.  I'm still getting the 'discount' on booking the cake and dj through them, even when opting out of the package.  I know this, because I called those businesses and asked for a quote over the phone, without disclosing where the wedding was being held.  They gave me prices that were higher than what it would be to book through the venue.  

    hope this helps!
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    See what the venue offers and price it out seperately using not only their vendors but other vendors.

    From the venues I looked at there was really no savings using their packages.
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    There were no savings at all with the vendor packages we looked at.  They were actually way more than what we would pay if we had done it on our own.
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    It really depends on the vendor package.  We're not going with the one from our venue because we already had other vendors in mind, but we were told we can get vouchers if we want to use only some of the vendors.  They recommended we visit the ones we're interested in, get pricing, and then check with them to see if we get a decent discount, and were completely upfront that some things, like flowers, are often cheaper without going through the package, whereas others, e.g. the cake, are typically heavily discounted.

    It definitely depends on the package.  Our venue will let us customize it later on if we would like, and alter the contract accordingly.  Currently it just says "TBD." 
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    Thanks everyone!
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    It does depend on the place... Everywhere we looked was cheaper, except the Radisson on Elm in Manchester, so we went with that because it included so many great, reputable vendors. I would suggest looking into them...I feel like it will be a lot easier planning when you just have to pick from all the options they offer you (or just upgrade them) :) Good luck!

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    It also really depends on how many guest you have... the less guests, the better deal you get by going with a package I found.

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    I agree with is only WORTH it if you have a ton of guests. For example our vendor package was $24.50pp for 150 guest but when we told them we only at 108 guests it became $28pp. We ended up doing an "a la carte" type plan. We pay for each thing separate but still through the venue. I would talk to your venue and see if you can still get the discount from the cake/DJ and just pay them because those are the only things your getting a "deal" on.
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