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Dress Appointment Timing??

I am going wedding dress shopping in a town 2 hours away from where I live.  I would like to visit 3 shops in one day since I am driving so far.  My problem is that 2 of the 3 shops require appointments and I am not sure how much time to allow for each shop.  I don't want to feel rushed but also don't want a big time gap in between.  Is there any sort of average for how long an appointment should take? I've only tried on dresses once before and I don't even remember how long I was there.  I think I tried on 10-15 dresses at that shop.  TIA for your help ladies!
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Re: Dress Appointment Timing??

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    Most shops will not let you decide the length of the appointment--they plan on 1-hour appointments or so in order to keep things moving, especially on weekends.

    In any case, I don't think you'd want to spend more than an hour or 90 minutes per store. You have to take breaks every so often, or everything starts to look the same.
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    Good point about taking breaks!  :)
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    Definitely take a break. Schedule lunch in between and allow extra time incase your appointment starts late or you get caught up at a store. I say an hour and a half is a good estimate for each appointment. You don't want to feel rushed! You can always browse the bridesmaid dress departements if you arrive somewhere too early. That's what I did a lot of the time when I was waiting fo my appointment.
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    I know the shop I got my dress at scheduled appointments for hour slots.  And depending on the day of the week you go and the time it will be much easier.  During the day on a weekday it will be much easier since there will be way less people in there.  I would probably schedule your appointments 2 hours apart, that gives you some wiggle room with time in case you are running late, and driving time between appointments.  Maybe between the 2nd and 3rd give yourself 3 hours for lunch or just a small break.  You're probably going to want time to think about the dresses and talk about them with the people you're with. 
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