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Bridesmaid Dress shopping!?

We are going dress shopping tonight for my Bridesmaids,flower girl and BestWoman. Any pointers, tips!? How did your Bridesmaid dress shopping go?  I am letting them all choose their own style, just not color!   TIA

Re: Bridesmaid Dress shopping!?

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    If you're doing it that way it'll probably be MUCH just have fun! Make sure your girls are comfortable and it'll be great. :D
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    Just beware that it might not be that much easier letting them choose their own. There a more than a few ladies on my club board that are having issues with letting them pick their own.

    But just remember  to have fun. It's a time for bonding with your girls. 
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    I agree with PP. Enjoy the time with the ladies.

    Good luck!
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    For me, it was helpful to go with an idea of what I wanted.  I had picked out a few styles that I wanted to girls to try first, and knew which colors I wanted.  It ended up working out, and they ended up only trying on those three and all chose the same one!

    I was prepared to consider other styles if they didn't like the first few, though.  It was just helpful to go in with a focused search to start with.  
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    You may want to decide on a length and material as well.  When I went, the lady said that different materials look different in pictures.  Something to keep in mind...

    Have fun!!!
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    Ditto Justine - Make sure the material is the same. This will narrow down their dress choices, but if the material isn't the same, you'll miss that coordinated look you're going for. Satin and cotton don't look the same in pictures.

    Have fun!
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    We all agreed in advance that the dresses would be short, and that the fabric had to be the same.  In the end, all the girls got the same style dress--only that the Junior Bridesmaid is getting the same style in a different color and we're putting spaghetti straps on her gown where the others are strapless. 

    We walked through the salon and picked out about 8-10 dress styles and then had a fashion show to narrow it down to two, and then picked the favorite.

    One thing that we did that was helpful, was that we bought the dresses at the same salon as we used for the bridal gown--so we were able to put them next to each other to see how they looked. 
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    My ladies went through and picked a bunch of styles they liked and they tried them on and narrowed it down to the one they all liked, and I liked too! Then I picked the color.

    We had such a great time (and a lot of laughs!).  Just have fun and enjoy the time with your ladies!
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