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Re: Confessions Wednesday

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    I confess that I have zero desire to work today!  The closer the wedding gets, the shorter my attention span is getting!

    FMIL is driving me crazy, she has called me at least 6 times about booking her room at the's not rocket science!!  

    I confess that although I will miss having my 3 year old nephew around. I  am extatic that my brother and nephew have finially moved out after being in my house for 6 months!!

    I have really enjoyed this week with my FI. We have finally had some alone time and it has truly brought us closer.  I am falling even deeper in love with him!
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    I confess that I'm thrilled to move in with FH this weekend-  but he'd better start packing or I may need to confess more...

    Also-  4 1/2 months needs to go faster!!
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    I confess that the Greys Anatomy last week has me all freaked out this week.

    My closest cousin is in the hospital and needs open heart surgery.  She has a medical condition and the earliest they can do it is Friday or Monday depending on her blood.  She has 3 blockages and her aorta is in bad shape.

    In Greys Anatomy the guys aorta tore and he died in surgery.

    I have to stop watching shows like that!
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    DIrtyWater  - I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. I will be sending lots of thoughts and prayers her way. Know that she is in the best hands and they do hundreds of surgeries on hearts every year. I know how scary it can be (my best friend has had multiple surgeries on her heart), but just keep faith that she will be okay.

    As for confessions...I'd much rather watch Ellen than grade right now. 
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    I confess that my brief taste of graduate school last week has made me lose all interest in "real life" and my job, and I'm dying to get back to school.  I'm more than a little resentful of having to go to work tonight, and I can't wait for it to end.
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    DirtyWater - I hope everything goes well for your cousin and shehas a speedy recovery!

    I confess that the thought of my ticker saying 3 months and so many weeks next week is kind of making me sick to my stomach. I feel like we still have so much to do!
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    I confess that I really like the apartment that FI and I looked at and that I want to stop looking and just jump on it! :)
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    I confess I am super excited to be coming home next week!!!!!!  Haven't been home since Christmas and I miss it!

    I also confess that helping my SIL plan her wedding is making me miss mine...I can't believe its been almost a year!!
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    I confess that Steven Tyler, though old, still looks good!!!!

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