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Preownedweddingdresses vs. Recycledbride experiences

I've had my eye on a dress at Alfred Angelo that is $600 and looks gorgeous (I haven't tried it on, I'd like to lose a bit more weight).  I've also been searching through classifieds (ebay, preownedweddingdresses, etc.) to look for something used that is comparable in style but cheaper in price.

I came across a gorgeous Sottero & Midgley on recycledbride for $750, and a beautiful Pronovias on preownedweddingdresses for $850.  These prices don't bother me if I knew for a FACT that I'd be getting the actual designer dress as described.

My question is, has anyone had a BAD experience buying a used dress from online classifieds, and if so, were you able to rectify the situation via paypal or with the seller directly? Feedback greatly appreciated, TIA!
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