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New to the board...  My wedding is in September & I want some input.  My wedding is going to be outdoors in fairly warm weather (hopefully), it's going to start at 4pm.  We want it to be somewhat relaxed, but I still want everyone to look good for pictures. 

I'm trying to figure out how I want my hair done & whether everything I've gotten so far or am thinking of getting actually will work.  Just want opinions! 

This is the dress I have ordered:

We are having a semi-country theme to our wedding, all the boys are wearing boots & I am planning to as well.  These are the boots I purchased:

I figured since the dress is long we wouldn't really see them much, they are comfortable & I won't have to worry about heels sinking into the grass. 

This is the necklace I purchased to wear:

I would like to wear my hair down, curly/wavy with maybe a decorative comb on one side.  I don't think I want to wear a veil.  Any suggestions on combs or something that would go?  What does everyone think of this theme?  I havn't gotten to try any of these items on with my dress because my dress is not in yet...

My bridesmaids btw are wearing these dresses with wedges:
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