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Need advice/thoughts...

So I found some wedding shoes that I love...problem is that they are champagne colored satin and my dress is a soft white. The shoes are darker than my dress but they are my dream shoe and they keep me from having to alter my dress. Do I buy them and just not worry about them not matching or do I keep looking? Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: Need advice/thoughts...

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    Just buy them unless it absolutely clashes with your dress.  I am wearing red shoes with an ivory and champagne colored dress.  I personally like the look of champagne and white/ivory together.  I think you should wear what you love and will make you feel confident and beautiful. 
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    I wouldn't worry about it... my shoes were actually lighter than my dress, but it didn't matter...get the shoes you love! :)
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    I am thinking about some champagne or gold colored shoes with my ivory lace dress... anything goes as long as it isn't so close that it clashes. 
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