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La Reine Bridal ~ Waltham

Just left La Reine Bridal in Waltham (as a bridesmaid with the bride).  When we walked in, the bride was greeted by several women, all asking if she had been checked in.  An older woman sat down and checked her in, asking what shape, style, designers she liked, and when the bride answered the woman answered "they're a cheaper designer."  When asked of her budget, the bride shared her price point (pretty high to the average bride) and we were asked to step into an available room.  The YOUNG, unseasoned consultant carried in 4 dresses, 2 of which were completely the WRONG shape, and 2 that were nice, but the consultant made no effort to "sell" the dress, explain it, or find something different.  After the 4 dresses, we were told "that's all we have" and she walked out of the room.  Our bride got dressed and when she asked the consultant about the dress she tried on that she did kind of like and may have considered purchasing, the consultant simply answered "I'm not allowed to tell you the style.  I'll get in alot of trouble" and basically pushed us out the door.  Now, while not making an effort to think outside the box, the consultant had no problem sharing her itnerests with the bride (i.e, snowboarding) and other consultants had no problem walking into the dressing area to grab veils and other accessories for their brides.

When you dream of going to buy your dress you envision having those close to you ooh and ahhh as you walk out and stand on the pedistal.  Here, we didn't get the chance ~ perhaps her budget didn't equal out to enough commission for the consultant, maybe the consultant really had no idea what style suits what body, but, overall, I don't know HOW this salon has been voted a favorite by The Knot for so long ~ it was a TRUE dissappointment.   Luckily, we had visited another salon in the morning, where our bride found an amzing dress, and she was able to have her bride experience there.

Unless you have NO budget and look good in a brown sack and are happy with trying on 4 dresses before the consultant asks someone "what time is it? i should wear a watch" while being fitted, don't waste your time here...

Re: La Reine Bridal ~ Waltham

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    You should post this on the local Boston'll get more attention there. Just an fyi...since this is a national board.
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       For years posts like this have appeared on the  wedding boards.  La Reine sales staff have an attitude  toward anyone who does not spend enough,  is anything but physically perfect.  I have rarely see positive reviews.
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    La Reine is terrible! I had such a horrible experience there... post this review on yel, or other local review sites to hel future shoppers!
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    Will do ~ thanks ladies!
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    This scares me.  My fiancee bought her dress there.  We went there after I saw on her website that she gives dresses away to soldiers/soldier's wives.  The owner was a piece of work, but we enjoyed ourselves and they had the best price on her dress.

    I hope things go smoothly. 
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    I made a similar post in response on the Boston site- To "bostongaygirl" I had 3 friends buy dresses there (over the past 5 years) and they all had good experiences. I went but didn't see anything I liked. I think it depends on the salesperson you get. I found the owner to be helpful, although eccentric. They def have a large selection of affordable dresses.
    I think it is very sad when brides had a bad experience trying on dresses (my Kleinfeld's experience was terrible- made me cry it was so bad), but I don't think everyone has the same experience at the same places- although some places are better than others, I think it is usually the smaller shops that really try to cater to giving the bride great treatment, since it is harder for them to offer deep discounts.
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