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So I am taking a poll...
I am thinking I want the ties for my corset to match my sister's MOH dress- dark pink. My dress is ivory. How do you think it would look? My mom and sister say it would be too bold of a color contrast. I am not convinced. Help!
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Re: Corset Ties

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    Cleo7Cleo7 member
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    Go for it!  Many white and ivory gowns have bold color accents, whether it's the corset ties, sashes or embroidery.  If you like it and it makes you happy, do it!
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    I personally think that's a cute idea. Of course, I am having a zebra print sash and red tulle under the bottom, so I may be a biased!
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    I saw this at a store and LOVED it!  If my dress had a corset back, my mom is thankful it doesn't, I would totally use a color tie.
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    llmw07llmw07 member
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    I really like the idea!
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    I love color on dresses but... I hate this idea. I saw pics of a dress with orange laces and it's such a fun idea, but doesn't translate well visually. Meh.

    The corset isn't decoration, it's how you close your dress. Colorful laces is akin to taking out a zipper and replacing it with a pink one.... not something 99.9% of people would do.

    BUT- that's my opinion. If you like it, do it! I TOTALLY suggest dying a separate set of laces, though, and take pics of the dress with each lace in. Not just in a dressing room, if possible-  you want pics close up and far away. Then study them and chose that way. Because it's really just not nearly as cute IRL as it sounds like it should be :-/
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    Thanks everybody!
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