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Found My Fuchsia Shoes But Now... Please Help!!

After searching high and low for about a week, I finally found the shoes I was looking for! Fuchsia and less than 3 1/2 in heel. Only thing is the buckle on the shoe is gold and I dont wear gold, and everything else I am wearing is silver color.

What are my options for changing the buckle? I was thinking putting small rhinestones on them to cover the gold and give bling, take to a shoe store and see if they could change it...?

Please help!

Re: Found My Fuchsia Shoes But Now... Please Help!!

  • If they are the shoes in your bio I would just leave it alone.  The buckle is so small and it will be on your ankle, it's hardly noticeable.
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  • I absolutely agree with jagore.  No one will notice that tiny little buckle.  Beautiful shoes :)
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  • Is your dress full length? If so, no one will see the buckle. Maybe a flash of color, but no one is going to notice the buckle.
  • Thank you girls! Yes my dress is full length so no one would really see the buckle. Only thing I was thinking for was my Photographer always likes to take an amazing picture with the Bride's shoes and her rings so it would show in that. But I guess really no biggie...
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