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When to order bm dresses?

My wedding is 6 months away. One of my bridesmaids is trying to get pregnant, so we're trying to wait until the last possible minute to order bridesmaid dresses, just in case we need to get her a maternity dress.  How long does it usually take?

Re: When to order bm dresses?

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    This varies by designer, so if you've already picked out dresses, you need to call them up.

    If you haven't picked a dress or are giving them flexibility to choose their own, you could have everyone else order and then have her buy a dress in a matching color off the rack when the time comes.
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    We're ordering Jasmine BM dresses, and the order needs to be in within the next two weeks for our January wedding. Usually around 4-5 months for BM....DB is usually faster than that.
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    I think the average for dresses is 12 weeks..
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