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Jewelry help...

I am not a huge girly girl so I am not that great with fashion.  I have my dress and everything but I am having trouble with the jewelry.  My grandma gave me a pearl necklace that I am without a doubt wearing...but as for earrings and bracelet, pearls are not my favorite and I wanted to get something with cubic zarconia with a little sparkle...but can you mix pearls with cubic zarconia?  Is that tacky if it's not the same type of jewelry?  Advice much appreciated :)

Re: Jewelry help...

  • I think you could mix them, as long as it is tasteful the way it is done. Show us a pic of the pearls and the other jewelry you might be considering. I have seen plenty of pearls with c z in the piece somewhere.
  • There are some wonderful pieces of jewelry these days that have both pearl and some sparkle (in the form of CZ, crystal, or diamond) to them. That might be a good compromise if you're worried about how mixing and matching pieces will look.
  • I think it's definitely OK to mix, I plan on doing the same thing! 
  • I mixed and matched for my wedding day. My necklace was pearls with a swarovski crystal broach. Then my earrings and bracelet had both crystals and pearls.

    I can send you pictures if you like, just PM me
  • You can definately mix.  I love the look of pearls with something like diamonds, crystals, etc.
  • I was just thinking about this more and you could just do drop sterling silver ball earrings and a similar bracelet with maybe some crystals.  Let me know if you would like to discuss custom designing these [email protected].  I probably could make them both for $40-60.

    [email protected]
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