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Hey ladies, I asked this before but TK ate it!!! Sorry for being repetitive. I'm getting married in April and at a country club. The ceremony will be outside on the grass. I wanted to wear some blue heels but am scared I will trip in the grass. Also for background I'm not so great in heels. What do u all think? I was thinking wear comfy shoes and have my heels ready for pictures
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    The tricky part is that you will need to get your dress hemmed for a certain height of shoe.

    I wore heels.  I didn't have any problem in the grass (it had been pretty dry), but I don't wear heels often and it didn't take long before my feet were killing me. As a result, I'm barefoot in a lot of our pictures (you can't tell because the dress covers my feet, and it's not SUPER-obvious that the hem is too long), and for the dancing part of the reception I wore emergency flats that I threw in my bag at the last minute (comfy, but not super-cute).

    If I had it all to do over again, I would have just bought really cute flats and worn them all night.
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    You can get yourself some sole mates to put on your heels to keep from sinking into the grass. They are about $10 at DSW and should slide right on and off, so once you're inside you can remove them. Or you could go the wedge or flats route. I just purchased a pair of wedges for my outdoor photos, and I personally don't like heels so wedges will give me the height without the pain!
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    Hmmm soul mates.... Never heard of them.... Will def try, I just love the way heels are sexy, you know what I mean. I plan on having flats for the reception and it will be ok that it's a bit too long at that point. Thanx for all the input ladies
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