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Um...thanks TK. You ate my original post.

Looks like the site was hungry.  Here's my original post from this afternoon since it has apparently disappeared...

I'm a BM in a friend's upcoming wedding and need to order the dress.  Will be going the online route through a reputable site since it will save me some dollars.  We are all wearing different styles of a cocktail length Alfred Sung in dupioni fabric.

I tried on a size 10 in the dress style I am getting.  Wasn't beat up by any means or looked stretched out to the high heavens.  That size fit quite well & hugged all the right curves but I could have used an inch in the waist and it had some room to be taken in at the shoulders.  In my head, I figured I'd order a 12.  Now, looking at my measurements, the size chart is telling me to go with a 14 due to my hippy-ness.  I'm at 41 1/2", and a 14 fits 42".  Size 12 fits 40 1/2".

My question to the board - what size would you order?  Anyone have experience with Alfred Sung BM dresses running small?  I'm under 5'4" and have this gut feeling that a 14 will be needing a lot of alterations.  And I know, the tag on the inside of the's just a number.  I just don't know if I should risk a 12 and potentially look like a sausage.

I'm spending waaaay too much time thinking about this but figured I'd go to the boards for a neutral opinion.  Thanks!

Re: Um...thanks TK. You ate my original post.

  • Well, was it tight around the hips? A lot of those dresses look like they have fuller skirts, and if they do, don't worry about the hips. How did the 10 fit around the hips?

     I take my dresses in a 12 but my hips are right on the 12/14 line at 42".
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  • If the 10 fit I would order the 12 just in case of any stretch the sample may have had.  It is always better to have to take it in then out!

    As for the measurements, I think that since you tried the sample on and know how it fits and that it fit close to perfect then you should be fine ordering the 12.

  • I'd probably order the 14 just to be safe and have it taken in.
  • Here's the dress...

    The skirt area is a bit more form-fitting but the size 10 sample did fit without issue in that part of the dress.  This is why I'm stuck between ordering one size or the other.  If it was a more relaxed skirt, I wouldn't hesitate.  I'm usually a 10/12 in dresses and feel like the 14 would be too big overall.
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    After talking with the other BMs yesterday (yep...obsessed over this.) - I decided to go with the 12.  While I wasn't moving all around in the dressing room when we originally tried them on, I was definitely feeling quite good at how I felt in the 10.  Usually these dress experiences leave me defeated becase things tend to not fit me.

    My build stays pretty constant but I've been getting back to a more active/heallthy lifestyle after being kinda lazy for a month or so.  And I want to kickstart that now since I've got my own wedding in less than a year.  The BM duties are in March, leaving plenty of time to bounce back after the holidays...worse case scenario.

    I appreciate the suggestions!  Thanks!
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