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Dyeable shoes

I'm looking into wearing fuscia shoes for my wedding and am currently very interested in the Nike Air technology that Cole Haan uses in their shoes.  Unfourtunately, they don't have any bright pink styles right now, but do have dyeables in their wedding collection.  I can remember a wedding I was in as a kid where my dyeable shoes ran (no pun intended) in the damp grass during portraits.  Has anyone recently had an experience like this? Any suggestions?

Re: Dyeable shoes

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    I wore some DB shoes dyed in their "wine" color and by the end of the night my feet looked like they were bleeding.  Ever since I refuse to wear dyed shoes for a wedding.
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    Dyeable shoes can be fixed with a sealant. You do have to request this, though.
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    Thanks, I read a bit about them online too.  The whole idea of buying a funky color is to justify the spend of an expensive pair of shoes because I'll wear them more than just once.  It doesn't sound like I'llbe able to wear dyed shoes more that a couple of times anyway, so I'm back to square one; again... 
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