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having a hard time

I am having such a rough time with dresses. I have been out in my local area shopping, and trying on dresses has been such a pain. I call up shops and half of them have closed down, the shops that are open only have sample size 10 and under and being a size 16 I can't even fit my ass into to see if it is something I would like. I have been looking online and all the dresses I love are discontinued.  Now shortly I am traveling 5 hours a way to hopefully try on dresses, but honestly I am to the point I want to cry. I just feel like this should be a fun experience and it really hasn't been at all.

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    I am so sorry that you are having a bad time trying on dresses.  I am a size 18 and I went to David's Bridal.   They have so many dresses in stock in every size and they were very helpful. I hope things get better, because everyone should have a great experience wedding dress shopping!
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    I would also recommend checking out david's bridal. Like pp, I had a really good experience with them. There are soo many dresses in so many different sizes.
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    thank you. I have honestly already tried them. I think I am having a hard time because I want a simple flowy dress. I am getting married on the beach, and I know I am particular about what I like. I may have to go back and try them again.
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    Have you asked your local board to recommend shops that carry larger samples? I had the same experience as you, where I was trying on gowns that couldn't even get up around my hips. I asked my local for help, and they told me about places that had larger samples. I had a MUCH better experience and walked away very happy with a lovely dress.
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    Have you tried Kleinfeld's in NYC? They have such a tremendous selection, I can't imagine that they would not have sizes for everyone. I bought mine there and the service was excellent. Good luck!
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    I needed a 16 dress too, but could fit in some 14's and envision with a 12.  When I shopped I had two friends who were a 12 and an 8.  Not exactly the same body as me, but both busty and curvy.  If I really liked it and couldn't fit, I had them try it. 
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