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Lined Lace Bolero

Does anyone know where I can find a LINED long sleeve lace bolero? I'm looking for something that is about waist-long, white, lace, with white lining. 

Any help would be great.

Re: Lined Lace Bolero

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    Most of the boleros you will find that are intended for bridal gowns will be shorter, and more than likely unlined.

    However, I have seen lined jackets made out of chiffon or lace that are meant to be worn for special occasions. Usually they are black however. I'd search there if you want to find something similar to what you describe. Check upscale retailers like Nordstrom, Macy's, Lord & Taylor, near the evening dress sections.

    However, if you know anyone who can sew, you may be able to make one to your specifications. I used a pattern to make my shorter lace bolero (although it was unlined).

    This is the McCall's pattern I used:

    I found this Butterick pattern that meets your criteria (view D, the lavendar one. You'd have to add the lining, which is easy):

    FYI: Patterns are made smaller than retail store or "street sizes". If you normally wear a size 8, I'd make the pattern in a size 10. They also come in size "groups", so the pattern for sizes 12-14-16, for example, will have 3 different cut lines for the appropriate size.

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    Check on Etsy. Thats where I got my wedding shrug. Just make sure you do several searchs to cover your bases. Also a lot of sellers will customize their pieces for you.
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    Just a suggestion, but SO MANY stores are selling lace cardigans/shrugs/tops right now.  Have you tried a non-bridal attire shop yet?  I got my cardigan (purple with lace insets no the shoulders, sleeves) at American Eagle. 
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    I got a lined lace bolero made for me using the same lace as my dress.. depending on budget, that could be an option.

    My seamstress also said that having it lined with sheer fabric is really important and helps give it structure and support so it doesn't just flop, and it makes it super smooth on the skin, not scratchy, so win-win!
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