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is this normal???

I ordered my dress on August 6 and was told it should be in to the store by the end of Nov.  Well according to the store it was shipped from wherever it was made on Nov 29, but it has yet to show up at the store.  That is a month of it being out in the world somewhere in shipping!!!  The owner of the store told me she was trying to get a tracking number on the dress but she said it can be difficult because the dresses are usually shipped in large shipments together.  I asked her if this is normal and she said yes, but for all I know she could be bull sh*tting me.  My wedding is on April 10, so just a little over 3 months away and I'm starting to freak out that my dress is missing or something.

Has this happened to any of you?  I really need some reassurance before worrying about having to find a new dress at the last minute!!!  TIA!

Re: is this normal???

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    Where did it ship from?  You may not have noticed, but the weather has been crap all over the world.  SMIL works at the Port of Los Angeles, and she said that most of her shipments were delayed two weeks at least.  Flights all over the country and beyond are being canceled.  So yeah, at this time of year it's totally conceivable that it might have been legitimately delayed.

    Just keep on the store until you get a tracking number.
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    I would give it some more time. With the holiday's I'm sure a lot of stuff is taking a little longer than expected. Also where it was shipped from can play a big part in arrival times.

    Also most places can only give you an estimated timeline. I ordered my dress in July with a delivery date of end of January and I got it in November.
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    Like pp's said, I think it will be fine.

    Is the dress shop a reputable store? They told me a 10 month time frame, even though it came in in about 8 months. Just keep in contact with the lady at the store so she knows you are on top of things.

    As far as fittings go, I really only had one true fitting, so as long as you get on the fittings as soon as the dress comes in, you should be good to go for your big day.
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    In reality, your wedding is over 4 months away, and it takes time for things to come in, especially if it has to go through customs.  Add in the holiday shipping and all the crappy weather, and there you go.  My dress took about 6 months to come in, from order date to the day it arrived in the shop, so I wouldn't stress yet.
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    I spoke to the store today and she said that the place she has been trying to get the tracking number from has been closed this week and the week before Christmas, and won't open until Monday.  It is a Maggie Sottero so it is coming from China.  The store is very reputable, so I will just keep hoping that it gets here sooner rather than later!
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    *waves* Um hi, the same thing happened to me.  My dress was shipped from China too, except it got lost on its way to America and went to Germany instead.  Problem is this happened six weeks before our wedding, and apparently my dress was going to be holed up in German customs for four weeks.  EEEK.

    The shop I got my dress is run by a gay couple - one man designs the dresses.  He ordered a brand new dress and it arrived a little less than three weeks before my wedding.

    You have time (three months?  definitely).  You gotta relax.  Stay in touch with your dress shop, get a tracking number, communicate well with who is handling your order.
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