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Sourcing of dresses

I've just started shopping for a dress and it seems they are all made in China.  Are there dress makers that are know for ethical practices or making thier gowns in the US or Canada?  I'd rather not wear a sweat-shop made gown.

Re: Sourcing of dresses

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    Also, I think Adele Wechler, who is South African, is known for her ethical gown making practices, having them made for a fair wage in her home country.

    I considered this also when I bought my gown.  It costs more money but was worth it for me.
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    Thanks, that's very helpful!! How did you find a store that sold them, it seems like I'll have to go designer by designer to figure out if they are sold in my area.
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    Yeah, I would recommend just going to each designer's website to see where they have retailers, or if you know of any large bridal boutiques in your area, you can check to see which designers they carry.
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    My Barbra Allin gown was made here in Toronto, I believe they are sold in the US too.
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    I am glad to have a purchasing experience with a China wholesaler It costs 25 days to deliver the dress from destination to me. When I am in the first sight of the dress, I am attracted  and surprised that the dress is the same completely with the pictures showed in the site. I hurried to try it and the dress suites me perfectly. I love it so much.
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    Why not get a custom-made gown locally? Then you'll be going a step further by supporting a local small business as well. It's very refreshing to see someone on The Knot finally taking this stance-- most of the brides on here are thrilled to support sweat shops if it will save them a buck rather than bouy the sinking US garment industry.
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    That is a hard question.  Depends on how much you wish to spend and all.  Most gowns are now made in China, even Vera Wangs and Priscilla gowns.  What I can say is that most of the Canadian companies, Paloma Blanca, Rivini, and others make in Canada.  So very few make in the US, Monique Lhuillier, Eve of Milady and a very few others.  The larger companies own factories in China, yes but those are not sweat shops.  Most are air conditioned and very clean and the workers stay there for their work months.  That is what I have been told.  But there is a wide margain for the companies that are there.  Some bridal shops will tell you that this and that is made in the US but most are not true.
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