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Upset about Henry Roth dress material--help!

Hi all,
So, I just had my final fitting and I noticed the tag on my dress for the first says the shell and lining are 100% polyester. I was told in the store (and it says on the designer's website) that the dress is silk. Silk shantung, I was told specifically. 

I realize this is not a life or death problem, but I'm sure many of you know how things get when you're just 11 days from your wedding! I'm so upset to be walking down the aisle in polyester. Ugh. Is this a common material bait-and-switch? Or could the tag be wrong?

If anyone has any insight/kind words, they'd be much appreciated! 

Re: Upset about Henry Roth dress material--help!

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    Have you contacted the store where you purchased your dress? Is a sample of the exact gown still there? I'd be curious enough to go in and see.  Also, I'd call the vendor; I realize the wedding is only 11 days away, but they need to know your frustration!  Sorry this happened to you; I am sure the dress will look beautiful anyway. Good luck!
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    I would definitely get someone on figuring out what happened!  I would be furious if I had my silk gown switched for polyester, not life and death your right, and you will no doubt look stunning anyway, but I get your frustration!

    If the shop did lie, deceive or trick you in anyway, I would be getting my money back.

    Find the sample or maybe contact the manufacturer (there must be a customer service # somewhere) and find out what that dress fabric should be.   
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    You didn't notice this until your final fitting.  With 11 days left, if it looks good and is comfortable, be happy.  There are worse things that could happen.  Yes I do see your point and it sucks, but if the tag being wrong would make things all better, it's a little silly. 
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    However, if the issue is that you feel that you paid for silk and didn't get silk then yes, look into some sort of refund.
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    Is it possible that they're just talking about the lining (i.e., inside) of the dress, and the outside is silk?  Does it say silk anywhere else on the tag?  If not, yeah, refund.
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    Thanks everyone. The tag says the shell AND the lining are 100% poly. I emailed the designer who wrote me back a nice note saying that the lining is indeed poly, but the dress is indeed silk shantung. I'm not sure why it says the shell is poly though...what could "shell" mean other than the outside of the dress?

    In any case, I will contact the store too because it's a whole lot of $ to spend on a much different fabric. 

    It's so nice to have a message board where people understand that these little things can feel like a big deal to a bride to be!! Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated :)
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    Does the dress have other layers under the top layer?  Perhaps those layers are poly.  Don't worry about it and enjoy the dress!
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    Hi again, everyone. Thanks for being so nice and helpful. The designer confirmed for me that the dress is, in fact, silk (it's just the lining that's poly). I had a designer friend check it out for me as well and he agreed that it was absolutely silk shantung and couldn't be poly. Must have just been a tag error. Anyway, thanks again and apologies for the bridal craziness! The wedding was amazing and you all were right--I felt beautiful in the dress and didn't worry for one minute about materials, or anything else along those lines. :)
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