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Game Themed Wedding

Hello Everyone!!

My FI and I are avid game players (especially word games like Scrabble and Wordspot) and we would like to have a game themed reception. I am looking for some ideas for centerpieces that do not necessarily include flowers if you have any? We will probably have 25+ tables and we cannot afford flowers for all those tables!


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    Hello! My fiancé and I are also having a game themed reception, and we also were looking for an alternative to floral centerpieces. I had come across a tutorial on how to make centerpieces using upside-down wine glasses or goblets and absolutely loved the idea. They used three or four various sized glasses, flipped them over and placed candles on the top and a single flower under the bottom of each. We loved the idea, but instead of flowers under the bottom of all of them, I filled two with game pieces from that tables game...ie. Scrabble tiles, monopoly houses and hotels, poker chips etc.. They turned out beautiful, and best of all were under $10 each to make! (dollartree.com sells various sizes of wine glasses for $1, and I picked up tons of board games at yard sales for a $1 or less.)
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