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Beige suits OK for evening Fall wedding?

I really like the navy & gold color scheme, but don't necessarily have bridesmaids that would wear gold all that well. I like the idea of Navy dresses with gold sashes for the girls, but what do the guys wear? I'm not big on the black & blue look (looks too much like bruises!), but are beige tuxedos only allowed for Beach weddings? This wedding would be an evening in early October.

Re: Beige suits OK for evening Fall wedding?

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    Khaki suits would be just fine for a fall evening wedding.

    Also, while the sash is fine, you could work gold into your color scheme in some other ways instead, like bouquet wraps or shoes--just tell the BMs gold and let them pick a style.
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    I am getting married in Oct. and because the girls are wearing brown dresses we didnt want the guys to clash in black, so our guys are wearing tan in fall, with dark brown. I think its about how you accessorize it!
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