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Veil Not Staying On My Head

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to keep my veil on my head. I bought the lightest elbow length veil I could find because my hair is cut short, like Emma Watson's pixie cut, and is also very fine and silky, so when I put the veil comb in my head it just slides right on to the back of my head and just flies off the other side if that makes any sense. There is no resistance at all and no way to keep that comb holding on to any hair. Any ideas?
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Re: Veil Not Staying On My Head

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    Are you doing your own hair? If a hairdresser is doing it she may gave to add several bobby pins or clips. Experiment with it for a bit and see what works best. Good Luck!
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    Tease your hair at the roots before you put the comb in.  This is how my hairdresser showed me how to put my extensions in so they'll stay put - I have long but really fine hair and when I was doing my own extensions, the weight of them pulled them out of my hair slightly.  But with the teasing, no problems at all - stayed nice and secure for a good 8 hours or so.
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    Are you inserting the comb properly as per these instructions:

     "comb" each side back a bit with a decorative comb. It's important that you insert it the "wrong" way around, the curve not hugging the shape of your head, teeth tips pointing towards the back of your head.
    Then hold the hair behind the comb with your free hand and reverse the direction of the comb while the teeth are still buried in your hair. Now the curve is hugging your head and the teeth are pointing towards your face. Push the comb forward a bit while still holding your hair behind it. This should "lock" the comb in your hair. (If you know how to successfully use hair sticks or hair pins, that's the same principle.)
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    You might want to consider having tiny claw clips sew onto it to help hold it a little tighter, if the comb isn't enough.
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