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Buying a sample?

What kind of discount should you ask for when purchasing a sample dress?

Re: Buying a sample?

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    the salon desides what your discount should be - just ask them what they will sell their sample for..

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    It also depends on the quality of the dress. If the sample is damaged or needs a repair you could try to negotiate an additional % off.
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    It seems like, in general, 20% is kind of average. More if its damaged of course. I have seen as much as 50% for a discontinued model but I think that's rare. Like others said, the store usually has a set price.
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    I bought a sample, it was already priced.  
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    Most of the time it will already be priced.  I bought my dress off the rack from David's, they didn't offer much of a discount at all, but they'll clean it and repair a small popped seam for free.
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    I bought my dress straight off the rack from a local store and received 30% off.  They just needed to remove a small smudge of makeup on the neck... They were running a sale... so I don't know what price I would have gotten otherwise.
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