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Average tuxedo costs?

Ok, this might be a really easy question, but I'm having trouble finding the answer, believe it or not.  But how much does a tuxedo rental cost?  Consider both low-end and medium-end suits.  Thanks!

Re: Average tuxedo costs?

  • as low as $90 or so to basically infinity. most are around $100-150 though from when we were choosing ours. 
  • They are definitely deceiving at rental places.  Ours came from Tuxedo Junction, and they were advertising free groom and ringbearer, and everyone else $50.  Then we found out that was just for part of it, and to get a complete tux and shoes everything would be extra.  With FI being in the Navy we got the military deal, which is his is 100% free, and everyone else pays just under $100 for the entire thing.  So if that was thed deal then I would guess its at least $120 or so for regular price.  Also if you want the matching pocket squares you have to buy them separate.  We are doing 2 colors for each guy and they were 2 for $10.  Overall its pretty comparable to a BM dress.

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  • When we wento to Jos A Bank and Mens Wearhouse to start looking they ran from 90-300 plus.

    The ones we're looking at, you're more classic black tux, were between 140-160 and that includes shoes, shirts, cufflinks, etc.
  • We're looking around $140 per groomsmen. Sometimes tux places will run a deal that if you have 5 of more in your party the groom is free.
  • We got ours at MW and I believe they were about $150 per guy. I am not sure if the Dad's were the same price or not. But I do know the RB tux was about $85.
  • Ours came to $180.  They are not super fancy or anything either. 
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  • Thanks, everyone! 
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    Ours came out to $130 a person - includes the tux, shoes, vest, tie, cufflinks.  The store was running a special for groups.  Most places have specials for group rentals.
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