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Promise To Keep


Can anyone tell me how the food is?

It is a beautiful, but not sure how the food is

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  • I have been to a number of work related functions there. The food is wonderful and the owner/chef John is so sweet and genuine. The mashed potato martini bar is amazing. Happy planning!
  • Thank i so much
  • I haven't been to a wedding there in years, but I thought the food was so-so.  Not great, not bad, just standard wedding fare.

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  • I will agree with the previous poster. I've been to 3 weddings there, it's so-so. The outdoor wedding ceremony area makes up for it, it's really pretty.

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  • thanks for the information; not sure now if I want to have my reception there

  • I live right down the street from Promises to Keep and I think the actual building and plot are pretty but the downside is that it is surrounded by many used car lots. I might just be nitpicking since I drive by it daily, but it was a turnoff to me when I was looking for a place to hold my reception. Just something to keep in mind!

  • We had our wedding there this February and we enjoyed the food a lot. We had steak tips and chicken boursin and everyone kept talking about how good the food was and how great a time they had at the wedding :)
  • This post is from February

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  • Our wedding there was 5/28/11 and people RAVED about the food, we loved it!! everything we tried it was so hard to pick final stuff but food was awesome!
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