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New Hampshire

Would you be bothered?

One of my BMs, a very close friend, is getting married next June.  She announced it a few months ago.  I am going to be one of her BM and my sister is her MOH, but she really doesn't want to be simply because she is mine and it is a lot of work and money.  ANyway, we got an invite to a bridesmid bbq tomorrow to discuss allof her wedding plans and ideas.  Here is my ?

My sister is really mad at the timing of the bbq since my shower is in three and a half weeks.  SHe thinks that eberyone in my wedding should be focused on that.  I guess whenever my sister wants to sit down with the girls to talk about my stuff, it turns into all about her.

Then my dad asked me the other day if everything bothered me about this.  He was really irked too and y dad rarely gets mad about anything.  Here's the thing....it really wasn't bothering me.  I mean she has the right to e excited.  The only thing that may get me irked is that if I am trying to talk to her about some help I need for my wedding and it turns into about her.  As for the cookout, not really bothered.  Her wedding needs to planned too.  I think I would be more bothered if I still had a lot to do and she wasn't around to help me or even just offer help. 

What do you girls think?  SHould I be annoyed?
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Re: Would you be bothered?

  • FireDancer04FireDancer04 member
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    I wouldn't be bothered. I'd be happy, at least for the BBQ, not to be discussing my wedding. I would be bothered if every time I talked with her about mine that she started talking about hers. I'm guessing that she doesn't even realize that she's doing it. I would tell her next time she does it that right now it's time to talk about yours and not hers. 

    I'm not really sure why this is bothering your sister and your father so much right now. 
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    Me either really.  I think with my sister it is that she isn't really helping with the shower and such.  My sister is doing most of it herself as my other BMs are out of towners. 
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    I agree with FireDancer.  Your sister can't expect everyone else to put their lives and wedding plans on hold because your shower is coming up.  It sounds like your sister is just stressed about your shower and maybe isn't getting as much help as should would like or she thought she would get.

    It sounds like you have the right attitude about, so I wouldn't let it bother you.
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    Agreed with PP. 

    Sisters do stress too. My sister is stressing, and has been stressing, because my bachelorette party is tomorrow. I can see getting annoyed when every time you bring up your wedding, friend talks about hers. If I was your sister and that was happening to me while trying to plan stuff for your parties, I'd probably be irked too. I would just try not to talk about wedding stuff (for either of you) unless it's absolutely necessary.
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