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colors and tuxes

I know the tuxes are grooms opinion but Im wondering what you ladies would do.... My bridesmaids are going to be black dresses with bright pink and orange with greenery bouqets. With that said were doing black tuxes, would you use pink and orange vests or no vests just pink/orange ties or what?
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Re: colors and tuxes

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    Personally I'm not a fan of orange vests with a black tux.  It seems too Halloween-ish to me.  My husband's GM would not have wanted to wear pink ties/vests.  If my FI didn't care, I probably would have chosen a black tux with a silver vest and tie.  I think that looks very classic.  Then I would have their boutonnieres be pink and/or orange.
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    Men's Wearhouse has a 'coral' vest that I think would work well without being halloweeny, and a 'wine' that might pick up the pink tone without putting your men in pink. 

    You could also go with any neutral color.  Gold might pick up those warm tones nicely, and if you're having a more formal wedding I think black vests/ties are pretty hot.
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    I've seen plenty of weddings where both have been done.  You could either do a color like pink or orange (compliment with the opposite color bout) OR traditional black (or neutral color) vests/ties with colored bouts.  

    IMO, I would go with the black vests & ties just because it is more classic and would look very nice with the BMs dresses.  

    Of course, if you thought black vests, ties, and tuxes were too much, you could do a black suit with pink or orange ties.  This would be a more casual way to bring the colors in without doing a colored vest. 
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    Usually, the groom's vest and ties would match the bridesmaid's dresses... or at least compliment them.  In this case, with black dresses, the most common colored vest and tie would likely be black vest black tie with the flower bringing in the color on the suit.  Any neutral color works though, such as a dark metal grey, or a lighter silver. 

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