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New Hampshire


I stopped in Macy's today to take a peek at some of the china I've been considering-we're supposed to register tomorrow, gulp-and I got totally overwhelmed. As you know, I am feeling really uncomfortable about the whole registering thing. I hate the idea of people spending more money beyond their travel/hotel expenses. Why do weddings have to be gift giving events? Undecided

Here's what we are thinking:
Macy's - fine china (FMIL insists...okie dokie), bedding, towels, etc.
Kohl's - kitchen gadgets, cookware, and bakeware
C&B - Everyday plates and serving dishes

Does that sound okay? I know Kohl's will be the bulk of our registry.  I've heard nightmares about Target registries and I could do BB&B over Kohl's, but I feel like Kohl's might have more of a selection. Any advice?


Re: Registries

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    I've had a ton of issues with Kohl's.  They sold out of about half of my registry items, and I registered at about the same point you're at now.  They have blow-out sales constantly, so their inventory is constantly changing. 
    If I could go back and do it again, I'd register at BB&B.
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    I think people would  be more likely to look for your registry at BB&B then Kohl's.  They also may be more common for OOT guests then Kohl's or even C&B.  I also noticed that Kohl's has random  sales that get rid of lots of inventory like chayer said.
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    To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't do Kohl's either. Their selection isn't that expansive (you'll definitely find more at BB&B and BB&B online) and the few times I've shopped their for other people it was really frustrating to find anything. There is also not the same customer service at Kohl's as at some other places.
    We had no issues with Target or BB&B above items being discontinued, but you'll get that just about anywhere unless you register a month ahead of time.
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    BB&B was so very good to us!!! I know you're nervous about the registry (I was too - I was worried people would judge what I was picking) but BB&B made it SO much fun.  They'll open early for you to run around and register. You may want to see if a friend or another Knottie would like to go at the same time - they had coffee for us.  The return policy rocks and almost everyone I know had a 20% off coupon that they could use to get our gift.

    We had a tiny regsitry at Target - I don't recommend. VERY difficult to return (you only get to return 4 items per year) you need a gift reciept with everything AND something won't come off your registry no matter how often they're purchased - so you could end up with four coffee makers that can't be returned.
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    Thanks, girls! We will check out BB&B...it's closer than Kohl's for us, haha!
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    I can completely echo what the other girls have said. BB&B was amazing to work with and poor Chayer is STILL dealing with crap from Kohls.

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    Thanks for all of your help! C&B was by far the most accommodating, Macy's, eh, and BB&B had a great selection - and great incentives for registering and completion! We showed them to both sets of parents and got the okay on price ranges - FMIL called her sister to tell her where we registered, which made me have that weird feeling about the registry all over again...ugh!

    Here are some of our favorites from the day:

    Cheese fondue is a huge tradition for my family at Christmas. My mom got the same fondue pot last year - it is amazing. I love it so much - it's probably the one thing off the registry I will be upset about if we don't get it.

    Can you tell FI and I like wine? Picking out wine goblets was by far the most difficult thing! 

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    Those are great!!! The dinnerware is beautiful!!  Don't worry about people overspending - they are adults and they'll know to stick to there budget.  As long as you registered for things you want and will use; no one should think it's frivolous.

    I'm glad you had fun!!!
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