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Another Thank You

I don't even know where to start this.  Being part of this board has really made my wedding planning complete.  I know that may sound a bit silly because I haven't met most of you, but it meant a lot to me to have a support group that could understand what I was going through.  I appreciate all the adivce and words of wisdom.

Thank you to Chica for being an awesome date twin.  I know you've been on the board a lot longer than I have and I always fely a little like I was "stealing you thunder" but in the end I thought it was fun to have each other.

And to the girls who have become people I consider friends (you know who you are!).  Thank you for the extra support and helping me make my favors, even.  I'm really glad that we've gotten to know each other and I hope after we're all married we still stay in touch.

Thank you ladies, for everything.  I can't wait to see you all on the flip side!!  :-)
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Re: Another Thank You

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    Congrats! Have a wonderful day! enjoy every minute of it!
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    Congrats, Carly! I hope everything is perfect for you and FI! You have been the best date twin :):):):) It is so rare that two people find each other and want to spend and share their lives together. I am so glad we can share this special occasion on the same day. See you on the other side, girl!!!
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    Best wishes for a wonderful Wedding day!  Can't wait to see photos!
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    Congrats!!! It has been wonderful getting to know you, seeing the whole planning process and even seeing the final result ;)

    Glad we could be of so much help!!! Hope you and Patrick have an AMAZING honeymoon!
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