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Bridal Attendants Attire = Stress.

My girls chose this dress in the short:

I only realized we had a problem when the first girl down the aisle in in pistachio, then fuchsia, fuschia, and my MOH in pistachio might look a tad funny. So my current thought is only the MOH in pistachio and have the ushers have that color vest so we have 3 pink and 3 green. Or we could just change the lineup. (Which means then this would become an etiquitte thing since the girl whose not the closest with the bride is first in and I'd have to make my cousin swap with my MOH for color to make it every other.)

The other option is to have them all wear pink and take green out of the wedding color scheme and just have it been tangerine and fuchsia. The girls will be carrying orange gerbera daisies and roses.

We won't be having a flower girl- only a ring bearer and he's matching my FI.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Bridal Attendants Attire = Stress.

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    I also used AA pink and green for my BM dresses, we went with clover and tea rose. I honestly think the contrast between the fuschia and pistachio will look funny, because one is very bright and the other is pastel.  If you want 2 different color dresses is it possible to pick different shades of pink and green that compliment each other better.
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    Maybe it's just me, but I think you're overthinking this.

    Hoboken could be right and the colors might clash, but if you like the colors, I don't think it really matters if it's green, pink, pink, green, or pink, pink, pink, green, or any other configuration.  I also don't think you necessarily need to coordinate the usher's colors to match.

    I think as long as all the colors look okay together, it doesn't matter the order or how many people are wearing what.

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    Yep, I think you are over thinking this, too. If two are wearing pink and two are wearing green, it won't look funny, I will look intentional. Personally I think it looks way weirder to have all of them in one color and one in another. That, to me, looks like the MOH didn't get the memo of which dress to wear. For the record, I would probably drop the green out totally. I'm with PP...I think that's a funny combination. An orange and pink combo would be lovely and cheery. If you have other green elements, the green in the bouquets would probably be enough to tie everything together.
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